Copper Nova, Ultra and Roulet pendants by Jo Hammerborg for Fog & Mørup, 1960s

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Set of three copper pendants, a Nova, Roulet and an Ultra, all three designed by Jo Hammerborg, who was the main designer at Danish lighting manufacturer Fog & Mørup in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Ultra pendant light consists of seven rings. It is closed towards the top and at the bottom it has a (rare) diffuser that was integrated by Hammerborg to filter and soften the light. Ultra was produced in solid copper and lacquered aluminum. This is the copper version with an orange inner. The Ultra is the smallest of the three lamps with a diameter of 30 cm / 12 inch, the height is 19 cm / 7.5 inch.

The Roulet pendant consists of four rings encompassing each other. Roulet was only produced in solid copper. Specific to this lamp is that the orange lacquer on the inside slowly blends in off-white, this creates a warm glow when illuminated. The diameter of the lamp is 34 cm / 13 inch and the height 20 cm / 8 inch.

The Nova pendant was produced in three different types of metal – copper, brass and aluminium. The copper version is lacquered orange, white and grey on the inside to create a warm glow when illuminated. The outside of the pendant has some beautiful patina. The diameter of the Nova is 40 cm / 16 inch and the height 18 cm / 7 inch.

Copper versions of Hammerborg pendants are difficult to find in comparable excellent condition as the three lamps in this set.

All three pieces have been rewired with 2 m high end quality black fabric cord – for safety and beauty.


  • Designer:
    Jo Hammerborg
  • Manufacturer:
    Fog & Mørup
  • Model / Name:
    Nova, Ultra & Roulet
  • Design period:
  • Country:


  • Materials:
  • Condition:
    Excellent vintage condition
  • Colour:


  • Ships from:
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Product code:
    1819339, 1817134 & 1819341